Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thinking of adventure

If you're thinking of adventure, if you're in that place of wondering about stepping out and doing something a little off the grid. If right now someone gave you a blank page and said "here you go, forget what is passed, start a fresh from today, draw a new picture with your life, here's a blank piece of paper, go for it"

Here are a few tips in no particular order:

1. "If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat", great saying, great book by John Ortberg, read it.

2. Ask yourself this "Whats the worst that could happen?"

3. It's only pride that will stop you from trying and failing, so what if you come back 12 months later saying "it didn't work out" at least you had the guts to give it a go.

4. What could be worse is sitting around when you are little older thinking, we had the opportunity to live differently but we didn't do it.

5. He who hesitates has lost

6. Fear will always hold you back, fear of failure, fear of mistakes, fear of how you look, fear of messing your children's lives up, fear of having no retirement fund, fear will hold you back....

7. You seriously only have one life to live, better to live it than just trying to preserve it!

8. If it's challenging remember "If it was easy someone else would have done it" 

9. "Security is a superstition that only exists in the minds of men"

10. If the adventure is children, don't wait until you can afford them, you will never be able to afford them.

11. Finally remember Terah, Abrahams father he set out for the promised land but it says in Genesis 11 "But when they came to Harran, they settled there. Terah lived 205 years, and he died in Harran." don't settle and die!


Mister Spence said...

Thank you so much Brian. This has meant a lot to me.

Been thinking of Terah a lot. Thanks for stealing my one original sermon point! Terah reminds me that God's plans are never ultimately frustrated, but we can choose whether we are part of it or not.

Point 4 just breaks my heart, man.

Thanks for the encouragement, and the good words!


Anonymous said...

that's a good word right there, thanks Brian.