Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why would christians go clubbing?

I have written about this before but just feel the need to keep addressing the issue in fact I had someone say they didn't agree with christians going to clubs this week and for the first time ever they weren't from N.Ireland!!. Whilst I am a respecter of opinions I find the logic and theology behind this kind of thinking very hard to understand. So here we go again:

Why do christians go to clubs?

Here's the main reason and it's exactly the same reason as everybody else: "To have a good time, to dance, listen to great music, to hang out with friends and meet new people".

I all honesty I am tempted to just stop there, but I won't.

What other positives do I see? Well like many other clubbers most christians I know who go to clubs do so in a drug free way, I think people need reminding that we are just as capable of having a laugh as the next man and we can do so without the need for any pharmaceuticals to keep us going.

Clubs are a great place to dance get lost in music and have a bit of a worship and a good old pray. No one can hear you! and during those anthemic moments when everyone lifts their hands up you can be lifting yours up to God!!! 

I have friends who would want to put they go to clubs to worship at the top of the list, in fact they find it easier to worship God in a club than during sung worship on a Sunday morning!

Going to a club is no different than going to a gig.

"Why do we have to make something spiritual to legitimise it?" and why do we have to make only certain things spiritual and other things it's ok just to do?

We have to argue the case for clubbing but no one argues the case for watching TV?

Jesus wouldn't have gone there! 

Nonsense... This is like that old pathetic thinking that says something like if you break the speed limit Jesus gets out of the car, or if you go to the pub don't expect Jesus to go there with you!! Not quite in line with such Bibles verses as "I will never leave you or forsake you"

By attending clubs we endorse the bad that goes on there. 

I was recently at a N.Ireland football match by attending was I endorsing the sectarianism that is highly evident in a reasonable amount of the crowd? It's here I would like to make a plea for some consistency amongst the objectors! 

Does watching Sky TV mean you endorse their porn channels?

Does working for a bank mean you endorse a capitalist world view? 

Where do we draw the line?

If people see us attending clubs we could lead them astray and cause them to lose their faith.

If some young person who you are working with goes of the rails because they saw you going into a club, I would be absolutely amazed! Then I would question whether you had ever discipled them correctly in the first place. As a christian leader my job is not to teach people to stay away from the world but to teach them how to live as a christian in the world.

It doesn't look right!

I wonder if a prostitute washing Jesus's feet with her hair looked right? Or Jesus going to a tax collectors for tea looked right? People who have this kind of attitude are the sort of people who would be crying crucify him. 

Clubs are dark evil places.

No darker or evil than anywhere else! Anyway weren't we called to be light in darkness? There's probably more darkness in 50% of christians search history on their computer than there is in a club.

I could go on but the reality is that christians who object to going clubbing have arguments that are riddled with inconsistencies and attitudes that are pharisaical. 

Here's a dictionary definition of pharisaical: Hypocritically self-righteous and condemnatory.

Now thats the kind of christian I don't want to be........

Final thought: Jesus will go where we go and I am pretty sure Jesus would have loved clubbing. I can picture him now; glow stick in hand, arms raised high moving his body to some cool beats and giving it all up to God the creator who made life to be celebrated and music to be danced to.


Martin said...


Team Reporter said...

OK Brian, next you'll be saying that Jesus hung out with prostitutes, drunkards and IRS swindlers. Get saved!

Michael Flowers

Steve said...

Unless the Bible's description of heaven is duff, then Jesus absolutely loves music, dancing and singing. It's home.

Unless the Bible's description of Jesus is duff, then he loves spending time with people, often thousands at a time altogether, helping them understand what life's about, even when they're hungry after a long shift!

Now not every Christian is meant to club - for some it's not their role in God's plan - also Jesus makes clear we're not to do stuff that causes us to sin (separating us from God) - but a blanket ban for all Christians?

No way!

If we hadn't loved our friends enough to go out with them, would they be following Christ now? How would we explain our stuffiness when giving an account to God on why we didn't meet people where they were?

Watch out for the next generation growing Club Church, and having the last laugh on Faithless!

Big Chris said...

Exelent Brian!

Fair to say your the spiked metal boot thrust up the backsides of those cultural, sunday morning Christians!

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

First of all OUCH!! Big Chris? Someone is bound to get somekind of hurt with your description. :) If the shoe fits what? Anyway, I don;t want top take up any more space. So I have spent way too many words just to say these two. "GREAT ARTICLE"
Blessings to my fellow sons and daughters of the Most High God, He reigns and forevermore will, AND He IS COMING!! To all my friends both old and new and new to be, may this message bless you with a wave of grace.

Rob Wojtach
"Sons of the NEW CITY"
iT bEgInS

Mie said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

That is a ridiculous article and quite offensive. It is possible to back up any argument with scripture. Jesus spent time with sinners in order to win them and send them out as disciples for him. Not go to a club full of drinking people to pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

isn't it kind of hard to be a witness of Jesus Christ if you are doing the exact samething as the people you are trying to help?

what about romans 12:2 and
2nd Corinthians 6:14 there are numerous quotes from the bible that shed light this topic.

i thought the whole point was to show people the love of Jesus by showing them the truth ?

Shouldn't believers have something better to offer the world near them than just a social night club ?

Not to judge anybody or put anyone down but how are we making a positive impact by such actions?

Anonymous said...

Mate...some good points but others are absolutely disgusting.