Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where's your hotel?

Just got in, it's 4.30am. I have forgot how much I enjoy posting at this time of day. Just been out helping various people home.

What was particularly lovely about tonight; was that the Spanish health centre phoned us twice and we were able to help them get some people home. Basically people get taken to the health centre, they have no money or are covered in too much vomit, so they can't get a taxi home and the health centre can't authorise and ambulance so they phone us and we are more than happy to come and help.

It's always funny trying to get people to remember which hotel they are staying in, one guy had completely forgot. Often when asked the only info they will give you is that it is by the sea!!! when you ask for a little more than that they may tell you it has a swimming pool..which believe me is not helpful.

Anyway we took some girls back to their hotel and left guy who couldn't remember at the health centre by the time we got back for him he had remembered his hotel. So happy days.

So I am off to bed now, which will be nice.

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