Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We took a guy to purgatory

Tonight was the first night of our final team. We were in the prayer room praying when we got a call from a worker whose friend had taken too much liquid ecstasy he was in a pretty bad way. We used our new wheelchair to get him out of the west end, then we decided it would be best if we took him to the health centre so that they could check him out. He was unconscious the whole time! As we got him into the van he vomitted all down himself, we sort of cleaned him up and took him to the health centre, as he was completely "lights out" I had to hold him pretty tight to get him out of the van into the wheelchair, which meant I got covered in his vomit.

After a bit of a scene which involved leaving him sleeping in our new wheelchair, driving back to the wes tend for some documentation, losing his friend then finding her we finally returned and got the all clear from the medical staff to take him home.

At this point he was still asleep, I grabbed him and stood him up to swing him into a wheelchair as I did this he woke up!!

The doctor and two nurses along with Anna, myself and his friend were all so relieved that we all spontaneously cheered and clapped. The poor guy looked so freaked out, one minute he had been outside a bar in the westend the next thing he knows he's woken up in a white room with 3 women dressed in white cheering him and some big skinhead hanging onto him. I wonder if he thought he had died, and that I was God?

Or maybe that he was caught in the spirit world and was in some form of eternal struggle between dark and light, which involved a skinheaded demon in a black t-shirt and some white clad angels who where being cheered on by his friend and some american girl standing in what may have been purgatory fighting for his soul.

Whatever was going through his head it was hilarious to watch his face, he said nothing, just looked totally freaked out, especially as I pushed him into the wheelchair and wheeled him out of the bright room away from the angels into the darkness....

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rossi from bulgaria said...

Brian, honestly,I don't know how you do these things.... covered in someone else's vomit, yuk. You must really love these poor people... I know you do.