Thursday, February 02, 2012

We need men, further info!

We normally only take guys who have been on a two week team to serve for longer but because we are down on men we will be a little more flexible with how this works.

There is quite a rigorous application process and we can send you the application forms, we will also need 2 references, good references, not just from some friend in church who ticks all the 5’s and doesn’t really know you!

With regards to cost there is a monthly rental cost plus whatever it takes for you to live, we normally take the rental costs in advance, because if someone rocks up and they don’t have the cash we end up living by faith instead of them!!!!! 350 euros a month is the rough rental cost! 

You’ll probably share a room and you will be in an apartment without a mother!

People need to come for a minimum of 8 weeks, any shorter and you don’t really build good relationships. 3 months would be great, 6 months if you can do it, but definitely minimum 8 weeks.

You will be expected to spend 3 nights on the streets, 2 days in the centre, help out with some short term team activities, be at all our community prayer and teaching times, and generally live as part of a tight knit little missional unit. You won’t be able to be invisible and you’ll need to have a good attitude to leadership.

What type of person are we looking for? Over 21, Spiritual, mature, emotionally stable, non-flirtatious, able to cope with tiredness and messy situations!

We don’t need men who have lust issues or drink issues coming to Ibiza to test if they have beaten it! This is not a place to test yourself, you will fail here.

Do you love God? Do you love people? Are you passionate about prayer? Can you pray out loud? Will you be able to pray with someone on the streets? Are you non-judgmental! Then you could be the one.

Why not get in touch email me a I will send you an application and we’ll see if it works out.

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