Thursday, February 02, 2012

We need men

Theres a lot of buzz going around about a guy called Mark Driscoll, he preaches a masculine spirituality. He's fashioned a God in the model of Tyler Durden, a kind of beer drinking, cigar smoking god who doesn't mind a fight, a mans man kind of god. A similar god to the one created by John Eldridge a man who lives in a cave, climbs mountains, and wins his princesses, a sort of american John Wayne type god.

Now I have nothing against either of these guys, the church is in desperate need of men.

And we are also in desperate need of men to come and serve out here for the summer! As usual we have plenty of female volunteers this summer, but only one man!!!

He can only stay until August but if we could get another one, two or three guys to help for the whole summer it would be fantastic.

You don't have to be a hero to do what we do, you don't need to be a mans man, you just need a servant heart and a willingness to be Jesus (not John Wayne) to others.

If you would like to come spend 5 - 6 months in Ibiza helping us do what we do, get in touch with me, we really need you.

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