Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We build Altars

I didn't write what is below and I have changed a few names and locations, but you will get the idea, this is such a beautiful prayer:

Exodus 20: 24 (nlt)

"Build my altar wherever I cause my name to be remembered, and I will come to you and bless you"

I've never built a physical altar! But as I read this I have a picture of altars being built before God all over different parts of San Antonio, especially in and around the vicinity of the west end. These are altars that have been built everywhere God's name has been remembered.

There's an altar out side Godfathers's where I talked with Natalie. There's an altar on the bench near the bus stop where Timmy and I talked, read the bible and sat with Robert; another on the steps of the hotel Pacific where he fell to his knees as we prayed for him.

There's an altar in the hotel apollo where Adam and I prayed for the friend of a soldier who carried a load of guilt over the death of that friend in Afghanistan.

There's an altar outside Hush where Kera and I sat on the floor talking to two guys who believed that our presence there was a sign to them that God is real!

There's an altar in 2 separate doorways near Can Toni where Becky and I listened as a prostitute told us her tragic story and of her continued faith in God in spite of it all.

There's an altar outside La Noche where I hugged Martin and told him that God values his life that he created, even though he believes he should be dead

And there are so many more...... altars built night after night, year after year as God has caused His name to remembered in a multitude of random locations. Altars outside bars and clubs; altars inside bars and clubs. Altars by the port, on beaches, in hotel rooms. Altars strewn throughout the bustling streets of the west end; altars in dark doorways and car parks. Altars in strip clubs and lap dancing bars; altars in apartments and homes.

Lord, see these altars; altars built because you have caused your name to be remembered. See these altars Lord and come, come and bless them.


Richard Heald said...

Lovely thought and notion, Brian - these altars are in all those places and so many more, strewn as you say, which He does see, I am sure, and blesses them too. Thank you.

Brian said...

Thank you Richard

Brian said...

Thank you Richard