Friday, May 18, 2012

Making People Safe

Yesterday we where out on the streets until 3 in the morning. Two of our girls were walking the streets when they bumped into a soldier who had been on leave from Afghanistan for just 3 days. He was unwinding and had a fair bit to drink.

He was pretty uninhibited and clumsy walking into stuff and generally stumbling about, he walked down to the port and nearly fell into the sea. In fact as he walked off a prostitute grabbed him and told him to wait for our two girls.

When they eventually got him calm and sat down he couldn't remember his hotel, which can always prove to be a bit of a nightmare! Poppy and I then went to help them, we do this tag teaming because it can get wearing for the original people just to sit there for over an hour going "where's your hotel mate?" over and over.

Eventually the police showed up and we had a detective moment, we got his camera out of his pocket and checked his photos and one of the police recognised the bar where he was staying. By this time he had woken up and sobered up especially with the police about. They offered to take him to the hotel in their car but he nervously refused! So we walked him back. It ended well, a little hug which was slightly messy as he had puke down his front, and then he trundled off to his room.

he could have drowned, he could have got robbed, he could have stepped out into traffic, but in the end, with the help of a prostitute, the police and ourselves we all got him to safety.

Thats what it is all about, making people safe.

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