Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Visitor

Ian Nicholson is here at the moment, Ian heads up 24-7 prayer in Europe and has been overseeing Tracy and myself since we came here in March 2005. He has been a faithful friend and encouragement throughout that whole time. He normally gets off a plane and listens to me moan about all sorts of random stuff for about 3 hours then it all settles down and he brings wisdom, friendship and love.

Ian is one of the people who helped us stay the course, he has been an encouragement to us as a family and a real strength to the work here.

So last night we toasted our time with Ian and enjoyed a lovely little glass of champagne and gave God the glory for allowing us all to have been on this journey together.

What is lovely is that I will continue to work with Ian in my new role within the UK.

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