Monday, June 04, 2012

You give and take away

Tracy is in the UK at the moment getting our house prepared for when we move back next month. Yesterday we had 18 people round for a barbecue and then over 30 people at our little evening service, which was fantastic. We have our first 2 week team here at the moment.

I sat in our little meeting last night and James sang, "Blessed be the name of the Lord" we came to the bit that goes "you give and take away" I was looking out from the corner of the room at the the eclectic mix of people in the room, I found it hard to fight back the tears. I genuinely feel so lucky (blessed!) to have been part of this journey over the last 7 years and the leaving is starting to feel very real.

It's not just the room, the service, the people we have helped, it's the guys that have come to serve, some have met and got married, others go on holiday together, people hang out, skype across time zones, etc. there is a real sense of Ibiza community that goes beyond Ibiza. People who wouldn't have known each other now do because of the work here, it's wonderful.

Tracy and I have been so enriched by all the people who have come to serve over the years, blessed and humbled that people would want to come to be part of this.

So I regained perspective fought the tears back and praised God that what he has started he will complete, that His church, this unstoppable kingdom, is bigger than me, it will grow without us here in Ibiza. Blessed that it has new leaders with vision and energy, blessed that old team members have been willing to come back, blessed to have been at the start of something.

Excited for what is next.

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